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I can’t stop thinking that you’ll get bored of me, that one day you will wake up and realize you don’t love me anymore. I’m afraid you will find someone else, someone more prettier, smarter, better. Someone who will make your world turn upside down, who will make your stomach get those silly butterflies and for who you’ll count every minute until you don’t see that person again. I’m afraid that some girl will come into your life and that you will look at her the way i look at you now, i’m afraid you will want her more than you ever wanted me. I’m scared that one day someone else will start to get morning texts from you and be on your mind before you go to sleep.. Wish i can stop with these negative thoughts, but i can’t. I guess i care too much for you now. And i think that when you care for someone a lot, you can’t just relax and not worry about losing that person. You are afraid of every little damn thing, every situation you’re in, every bad phase you go through together.  I just don’t want you to fall in love with anybody else, while i fall even more deeply in love with you. I just want to be the last girl in your life. I want us to be lovers, best friends, team… I want to be your happily ever after. And i only hope that one day you will want the same.

Sunday, October 19th
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